Buildings and constructions

Plastic products for glazing. Polycarbonate is an excellent alternative to window glazing. The material is lighter and more impact resistant. P.E. Plastic s.r.o. sells Soild Polycarbonate sheets in a full dimensions or we can also cut the sheets to the size you need.

Buildings and constructions




We offer a portfolio of materials with a wide range of colors, UV protection, the products are unbreakable with extremely high impact resistance.

Key characteristics:

Excellent mechanical properties
Transmits light and protects against heat
Chemical resistant
Impact resistant


Polycarbonate also referred to as PC  is a hard, impact-resistant, unbreakable material used in a wide range of applications. It is an amorphous thermoplastic material with a temperature range of continuous use up to 129 ° C. The material we most often use for these applications is LEXAN ™ which is one of the most commonly recognized brands of polycarbonates.

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