CNC routing

In our company we have CNC routing technology. We transform a flat sheet into a creative range of forms and shapes.

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We offer a wide range of high quality certified materials with excellent properties, different colors and textures such as PC, PETG, TAC, TA and others.

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CNC routing provides a consistent surface finish for your finished components that can be replicated from one order to another. Complex components are easily manufactured by direct import of files from most CAD systems for precision machining. Each project depends on various factors such as the material, the complexity of the design and the finishing requirements.

Each CNC plastic machining process provides different benefits and we will choose the best option based on the requirements of your project. The CNC machine from our range of machines has a stable mechanics which enables not only the milling of any plastic, but also high precision and shape repeatability.


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Material sheets PC
Material sheets PETG

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Download brochure (PDF)

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